MCA2 Puma Tutorial Chapter 2

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The user interface builder mcagui

Table of Contents 2.1. Not everybody has a puma under his/her bed 2.2. Moving tons with a small mouse 2.3. Preparing OpenInventor files for mcagui 2.4. Naming controller and sensor IOs

The goal of this tutorial is simulating and controlling a puma robot. As a first step we will have a look at an Open Inventor 3D model of a puma robot which we will use for visualisation purposes. Download and unpack the linked zip archive into your puma project (~/mca2/project/puma). A new directory OI will be available which contains the OpenInventor files. 2.1. Not everybody has a puma under his/her bed

Not everybody owns a real puma robot to get sensor values and use them for a 3D visualisation. In order to demonstrate the usage of mcagui and the open inventor model we will use a small programme that "simulates" the robot. Actually it just copies controller input values to corresponding sensor outputs (i.e. we are able to predefine and change all sensor values, which are in this special case the puma robot's joint angle values). The name of the program is reply_values and is part of the test project in MCA2.

To start a "simulation" that provides 6 sensor values (a puma robot consists of six joints) we just have to execute:

> reply_values 6 &

Nothing will happen now, except that our simulation is running. Don't expect a gui to appear! Graphical user interfaces and control methods are completely separated in MCA2. We will start the GUI in the next step.