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The new mca2 directory structure is as follows:

- mca2

 - script              (bash and python mca-scripts)
 - etc                 (file templates and common config files)
 - libraries           (mca2 sources)
   - kernel            (mca kernel sources)
   - math              (some additional math functions used by several user libs)
   - qt                (some basic qt classes and functions used by mcagui and mcabrowsers or other plugins)
   - general           (some basic mca modules)
   - fileio            (some mca modules for file IO)
   - audio             (some mca modules for audio processing)
   ... any other user library
 - tools               (mca2 tools sources)
   - gui               (mcagui sources)
   - browser           (mcabrowser sources)
 - build               (temporary files, created by scons, is empty until a build process was started)
 - export              (target directory, empty untill a build process was started)
   - i686_Linux_debug  (target dependent sub directory)
     - bin             (built binaries)
     - lib             (built libraries and plugins)
     - include         (for installation needed include files)
   ... any other target platform