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Download and Patching

  • Create a directory of your choice
  [~]$ mkdir /tmp/rtai-test<br/>[~]$ cd /tmp/rtai-test}}
* Download MCA2 from [ MCA2's Sourceforge Page]
  [/tmp/rtai-test]$ tar xzf mca2.4.0.tgz
  [/tmp/rtai-test]$ tar xjf linux-2.4.29.tar.bz2
  [/tmp/rtai-test]$ tar xjf rtai-3.2.tar.bz2
  [/tmp/rtai-test]$ mv adeos-linux-2.4.29-i386-r16.patch rtai3.2/base/arch/i386/patches/<br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test]$ cd linux-2.4.29<br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/linux-2.4.29]$ patch -p1 < ../rtai-3.2/base/arch/i386/patches/adeos-linux-2.4.29-i386-r16.patch
  • Build the linux kernel. linux-2.4.29.config is the kernel config we use.
  [/tmp/rtai-test/linux-2.4.29]$ make mrproper <br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/linux-2.4.29]$ cp ../mca2/etc/linux-2.4.29.config .config <br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/linux-2.4.29]$ make oldconfig <br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/linux-2.4.29]$ make dep bzImage modules <br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/linux-2.4.29]$ cd ..
  • Patch rtai3.2 with the mca2 patch and prepare for use with mca2:
  [/tmp/rtai-test]$ cd rtai3.2<br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2]$ patch -p1 < ../mca2/etc/mca2-rtai3.2.patch <br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2]$ ln -s ../linux-2.4.29 linux
  • Build rtai3.2.
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2]$ ./configure --with-linux-dir=/tmp/rtai-test/linux-2.4.29<br/>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2]$ cd base/include/<br/>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2/base/include]$ ln -s ../../rtai_config.h .<br/>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2/base/include]$ cd ../.. <br/>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2]$ make
  • Build mca2 with lxrt
  [/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2]$ cd ../mca2<br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/mca2.4.0]$ scons configure=yes lxrt_dir=/tmp/rtai-test/rtai3.2 <br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/mca2.4.0]$ source script/mcasetenv <br>
  [/tmp/rtai-test/mca2.4.0]$ scons